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Irish Literature and other Literaria

Here's what the blog's author, IYS Member Prof. Enrico Reggiani, has to say about it: 

I inaugurated my blog Irish literature and other literaria in its (very!) embryonic and elementary version in July 2008: it was and still is a tiny and unpretentious literary website – as Latin people would say, parvus sed aptus nobis - dedicated to what we (my group and me) do in Milan in the field of Irish studies. Since then the number of collaborators and contributors (colleagues, undergraduate, and graduate students) has gradually increased (you all are invited to visit it and to contribute, if you like!) and, up to now, it has received more than 130,000 visits, my own excluded of course…). On my blog, all my research fields become visible on the internet in--at least-- four different and complementary formats: 1) as abridged references to and/or quotations of longer academic contributions, published in paper; 2) as links to shorter contributions published elsewhere (in newspapers, magazines and the like) and reproduced on-line in full; 3) as posts written ad hoc for it; 4) as announcements of academic and cultural initiatives. I also send a periodic newsletter towards which many kind and patient addressees have shown an unexpected degree of tolerance and appreciation. Many among my (numerous) students are gradually becoming more used to consulting my and our blog materials: some of them even post comments and suggestions, and, when this happens, these are the educational and formative successes I am particularly proud of. 


Yeats 2015

This is the official website for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Nobel Prize-winning poet, William Butler Yeats.

Yeats2015 presents a local, national and international series of exhibitions, performances, educational events, festivals, concerts, readings, talks and screenings.